Loyalty Program

Register Now

Send us your name, email and telephone number and you will be registered in our Loyalty Program system within 3 business days.
Your telephone number is your personal identification code for the program.

How does it work?

With purchase of any product at any Wendy’s Aruba restaurants you will accumulate points. Each florin spend is one point.


Before each purchase at either drive thru or dining room, client needs to give the cashier their telephone number in order to receive points.

What can you win?

Each month we will select the top 50 most loyal clients (with most points/purchases) and have a LIVE raffle between them.
We will give away one monthly gift certificate with a value of AWG 500 of different stores.

At the end of the year we will have a LIVE raffle with the top 50 clients and we will give away 5 big cash prizes of:

AWG 1,000
AWG 2,000
AWG 3,000
AWG 4,000
AWG 5,000

Register today and participate to win!

~ Over AWG 20,000 in prizes ~

For more information please contact us at 583-2104.